Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Agenda... a kind of.

I'm a little confused. I have so many projects on the needles and on the sewing table that I cannot find the best way to organize them in my blog, should I write down the one only after it has been completed or just follow the whole process? 
Ok, I'll make a list:
1) the summer set for my daughter is ready, I made some pics that don't convince me, it would be better to wait till the weather is good to make the pictures outside;
2) the vintage dress is completed for 50 %, I don't like the neckline, so I decided to cut the back and front parts in the middle and make the insertions of pleated fabric. It needs time and courage (to cut). That is why I decided to suspend this project and sew something "which doesn't need thinking too much";
3) so, I sewed another dress, very simple one, easy and fun to sew, pattern 133 from Burda Style Aprile 2011:

4) now I'm sewing the underdress as the fabric is rather trasparent, the pattern 121 from Burda Style May 2000;
5) the underdress for my daughter is almost completed (pattern 147 from Burda Style May 2012):

5) surely, then will go the wrap dress (pattern 143 from Burda Style May 2012):

6) I've started the Christina cardigan by Kim Heargraves, adapted for my daughter:

7) there are 8 squares completed for the bed throw;
8) there is a Marinara sweater for my daughter, which ought to be one of my first written patterns... I hope;
9) tiny dress and top for this signorina:

Uuuf, back to work!

Friday, May 17, 2013

Still a lot to do, but the idea is already rather perceptible.  Later I'll write down the schematic explanation of what changes I've done to this pattern. 

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Vintage dress

The dress for me based on the pattern 116 from Burda Style 6/2012. 

Cotton lower dress. 

The fabric for the main part.

I prefer to make the upper part like a dress. And the lower dress will work like lining. In this case it's much more easier to sew, no need to make bindings along the armholes.

Summer top and trousers.

For some weeks I'm done with the knitting. Last Sunday I began to sew. This summer set is perfect for little girls, comfortable and practic trousers and dress like tunic top with frilly sleeves. So both mother and daughter are happy.

For the top I preferred this model, and the trousers are a little bit longer with side buttons. My little signorina is growing up. Simple elastic looks too baby-like. 


What can I say...

Finally my Cerisara is ready. Making the first sleeve took a lot of time as I tried to do it seamless, after 10 cm I gave up and reknitted it with circular needles. I strongly recomend to use this method. The same  result with much less difficulties.

Here it is - my (unfortunately, not really mine, it is made for my friend) Cerisara.

When the cardigan was washed and dried I saw brown stripes here and there. Fortunately, after the second washinig the brown color had vanished, and  the color was perfect and uniform. It has only lost that light brown shade it had before.
So, at the end everything is OK, I like the result, I'm not disappointed with the yarn and I want to reknit this Cerisara for myself.