Friday, February 19, 2016

Now or never! II

19/02/2016 This sweater was started on March 24 2014. You can see my first steps in this post Now or never!
I always knit several projects at the same time so it took me two months (only!) to complete this project. It came out lovely, beautiful color 4314 (gray violet), I found a beautiful fabric to sew a skirt... 

But there were some obstacles to wear it: I couldn't find the matching pin and couldn't complete the skirt as I was "very" pregnant.  
For now my skirt looks this way. My attempt to repeat the style of 20's.  

Now I'm slim again, I can do without a pin... but I don't have enough time to sew, so I revised my wardrobe and found this nice skirt and shoes and think that together they can go well. 

I was convinced that the short and adherent vintage line wasn't made for me and used to add some positive ease and length to my vintage sweaters, but trying some of them I changed my opinion, so I'll undo the rib of this sweater, cut off the first two pattern repetitions and reknit the rib. 
I think it could be a beautiful outfit for my birthday party. 

There was an error made in the description of the jabot (at least in my copy of the book).
“Inc 1 st at each end of next and 13 following RS rows (54 sts)” should be: “Inc 1 st at each end and decrease 1 st at each beginning of next 13 following RS rows (54 rows)”.

27/04/2016 Finally I my daughter made some photos of me wearing this sweater. Still never presented in public, first time in this post.