Saturday, March 29, 2014

Love story... and Accessory For Your Spring Suit.

It has started in December... I asked Babbo Natale for some DROPS Alpaca yarns, and my love story with this yarn has started Chritmas time... First present has arrived...
They are perfect for knitting vintage sweaters and I started with "Accessory For Your Spring Suit" from my favourite "A Stitch in time"
It was a beautiful color - pale green with apple shades:

It was such a pleasure to knit it on the New Year's Eve!

It was my first experience working with this yarn, I'm used to knit with yarns for machine knitting, which tend to shrink after washing, so I made a mistake using 4mm needles. The result was:

01/03 Washed the back and front - came out enormous. 
11/03 It’s a wonderfull pattern, my mistake was to use 4 mm needles, now I’ll restart this project with another color of Alpaca Mix with 3,5 mm needles. 

I put this project apart for a while and knitted this one Bette Accessory for Your Spring Suit (mix). Another gorgeous color

Then I restarted "Accessory For Your Spring Suit" with another blue-violet Alpaca Mix  8120

I made minimum of the modifications, cast on the same number of stitches, but as always I changed the shape of the armholes and sleeves. I knitted the lace rib in the end, in the round on the body, straight on the sleeves (I hate sock needles).

And I made the sleeves shorter and straight from the rib, without the increasings, it took more yarn, but I like them more in this way.
I used 7,7 skeins, this yarn is rather economic - less then 400 gr for a warm sweater.

This time it is perfect!  The size is exactly what I wanted. 

Now it would be nice to sew a new pencil skirt, using this fabric:

before the summer starts!

Friday, March 28, 2014

Now or never!

Yesterday I started this new vintage project. First it was intended to be "Ena's sweater" made with Drops Alpaca Mix and Drops Alpaca (I saw some nice projects on Ravelry with contrast stripes). Then I transformed it in "Summery - And A New Pattern with Drops Baby Alpaca Silk". Modified (I used twisted stitches).

But I didn't like some stitches and today I reknitted the front using the stitch which is similar to Ena's sweater, but the "paw" is a bit shorter. I don't have the Ena's sweater original pattern, so at the end my sweater is another "New Pattern".

Monday, March 17, 2014

Vintage exhibition in GUM. Part IV: 70's-90's.

 Memories from the 70's:


Fashion of the 80's:

The most horrible (to me) fashion of the 90's:

I like only these dresses for girls.

Vintage exhibition in GUM. Part III: 50's-60's.

Ladies' fashion of the 50's:

The 1960s: