Friday, April 28, 2017

A cute summer hat. Very long story...

Two years ago I knitted this cardigan for my son.
Striped cardigan with anchor.
Like always, it was too big for him.
When he was born I knitted another smaller cardigan using the same lime-yeallow cotton yarn. No stripes, no anchor. I also knitted a striped hat.

Then we lost it, so I knitted another one.

This year the cardigan fits perfectly well, all we needed was a scarf.
Ok, let's knit a scarf!

But the hat was a bit worn out, so I started the third striped hat.

And here we are, after more than 2 years the set is completed. As you can see I always reduced the number of stripes. And the last hat is knitted with 4 threads instead of 3 threads of yarn. Just like the cardigan and the scarf. Always with 3,5 mm needles.
All we need now that the spring comes back and we can show all this beauty to somebody outside!

Monday, April 17, 2017

Volo di Farfalle stole

Today I published my new spring pattern “Volo di Farfalle”.

I don't really like to knit with summer yarns, wool blends are my all year round favorites. 
Spring and summer stoles knitted with light wool, alpaca and silk blended yarns are the best projects for this period of year. You can wear it with light dresses in summer evenings or use them as gorgeous accessories for bride and bridesmaids. 

A couple of years ago I purchased this beautiful Garnstudio DROPS Lace yarn (7238 Olive shade). It was still manufactured in 100 gm skeins. I bought 2 of them with an idea to knit a stole.

Later I changed my mind and decided to knit a vintage sweater, so I bought other 4 skeins (50 gm), and decided to mix them to make invisible any possible color difference. 

I also purchased 8 skeins of 501 light grey Lace and all this treasure was waiting and waiting...

This spring I was asked to knit some summer garments. I wanted to knit something particular, elaborate, but modern. Perfect for any taste. Suitable for any occasion.
I saw so many beautiful patterns and projects, but, like always, I wanted something different. 
The most important features of this stole are:
- the lace motives are mixed in asymmetric way;
- the stole is knitted with a yarn held double (still it weights only 240 gr). 
The stole is knitted in two slightly different parts and then sewed together using grafting method. 
Now I'm planning to knit another stole with light grey Lace. This time in 1 piece, with slightly different finishing. As grafting took so much time and this time I want to make the begging and the end of the stole looking absolutely different. 
For edges I used the 2 stitches i-cord.
You can easily adapt this pattern for larger stole or smaller scarf, play with the motives, knit them wherever you want.
The pattern is easy to knit and remember.
Enjoy summertime!