Sunday, June 16, 2013

Summer "space" set is ready...

Another (but not so appreciated, because "I wanted the skirt") present for my daughter  (see Summer top and trousers. ).
The fabric was rough, I knew it before starting, but I didn't expected the wings effect to this extent. It reminds me of the singers from the 80's and Star Track.  Made with mettalic fabric would be perfect for the Carnevale.

Belated presents

 Finally we have celebrated the birthday of my daughter, she was patient enough to expect some days more before receiving the presents. La canotta grigia and the red skirt made with some leftover fabrics (started here  Somebody, stop me, please! ):

Now we have almost the same skirts. Mine is from Burda Style 2/2003 (pattern 113).

Monday, June 3, 2013

Somebody, stop me, please!


-  The underdress is ready;

- Christina cardigan is laid aside for a while, considering that it should be ready by September;

- I've almost finished the back of a very nice top from BIMBI speciale COTONE 2-6 I lavori feminili di Mani di Fata:

I like the pattern so much, it would be perfect for a scarf and a hat;

- Putting in order the fabrics I couldn't help sewing a wavy skirt for my daughter. It is red, long and has gathers and bow - surely she'll like it;

- I definitely need to sew bikini for my daughter (pattern 632 from Burda Baby 1/2012) and for me (pattern 108 from Burda Style June 2011):

- I would like to knit a top even for me, it will be D├Ębardeur or Pull mancherons from Phildar 2009;

- Later, maybe, I'll have time for Monet di Martin Storey?