Sunday, April 21, 2013

Cerisara Cardigan

Today I want to write down some notes about Cerisara cardigan (the topic starts here As soon as I finish the last stitch of my Mantella... ).

I didn't manage to follow the instructions. Even this time. In fact, I made a lot of changes. 
Let's see:
  • I knitted all the garment with 4.0 mm needles (at first, I tryed making the stocking stitch part with 4.5 mm, but it was too loose);
  • I changed the direction and began knitting from the down of the back part, so the shoulders are perfectly equal and the lace pattern is not interrupted;

  • for this reason the lace pattern had to be finished before joining together the back and front parts;
  • I added a lot of stitches (74 for my size) once I’ve finished the lace part. It gives more volume as I don’t like when the garment is too adherent.

I like it how it is now. I think I'll knit another Cerisara for me, may be, with some stitches wider on the shoulder and simple finishing along the armholes. 

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Country tunic.

One more lovely summer project - Pattern 125 from Burda Style 6/2012 - Sleeveless tunic top.

I'm not sure of the drawstring shoulder seams, and instead of the front appliquè made with eyelet lace trim I'll do some lenghtwise tucks creating the flowy silhouette. 

Friday, April 19, 2013

Flowy vest.

This vest (pattern 101 from Burda Style 4/2012) has a small shawl collar and pleats in the shoulder. 

It is a perfect alternative to a knitted cardigan. In fact it reminds of my still uncompleted interpretation of Cerisara cardigan. It seems to be also rather simple to sew. My version will be made with linen striped light-blue fabric. 

VIntage patterns from Burda.

Today I finished the main part of Cerisara cardigan. I like the result, even without the sleeves. Another effort, and i will be free do sew something. Inspired, I looked through my favorite patterns, and here is a small "20's" Burda Style collection.

April 2011

June 2012

This dress is really perfect - easy to sew, easy to wear, easy to combine. Here are 2  versions made with layers of lace and chiffon, and there are so many other possibilities.  For example, made with colored fabric or with knitted or crocheted upper top.

 July 2012

This dress is gorgeous. It has all the detailes I prefer - neck tie, short sleeves and godet inserts. I would only change the belt for an insertion or drapery of contrast fabric. Absolutely without the belt loops.

It looks so similar to the dress of Marion Cotillard in "Midnight in Paris". Very feminine still a little childish. 

December 2011

Another rather simple pattern to experiment with. 

February 2013

I like so much this dress, and I try not to look at those horrible shoes. They have nothing to do neither with the dress nor with the 20's style. 

And here everything is perfect! The most important thing will be to choose the right lenght. 

December 2004

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Spring time.... sewing time...

What a beautiful spring morning! Today I saw the preview of the new issue of Burda Style magazine. There are a lot of beautiful dresses. Can't wait to sew some of them.
These two a rather simple, but made with beautiful light fabric will look gorgeous.

Perfect pattern even for a nightgown. I have some fabrics bought 3 years ago. Maybe, this summer?

This patern was published in Burda Easy 1/2011.  Sure, to repeat the same pattern only after 2 years was too much, but.... I don't mind - this time it is made for 17-21 sizes, perfect for me. There is also the long version, but the short one is nicer and more comfortable.

 Another nice dress, omitting those horrible pockets. Otherwise it reminds me the robes which was the only kind of dresses one could find in russian shops during perestroika time.