Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Starting more WIPs.

Well, the spring has come, the time of aggravation for any knitaholic.
So, I'm starting, let's see... 4 new projects:
- Riyito sweater as I'm fond of wool boxy sweaters. 
- Striped hat for my son as we lost the one I've knitted a year ago
 - Sage cardigan as I bought a beautiful yellow cotton yarn and it would look nice with some summer dresses. 
- Waffle pillow as I promised a couple of pillow covers for my friend who has moved recently in a new apartment. 

Sure the hat and the pillows are more urgent, but I can't help starting even the Riyito which I'll be wearing only next autumn. And the Sage?

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Relax sweater

Recently I'm in love with boxy sweaters, especially those that have such particularities which gave them feminine silhouette like bat narrow sleeves. My Mom used to think that such garments are made only for XXL- sized women. To create a kind of "mistery".
There are so many models like Boxy di Jojy Locatelli, True friend by Veera Välimäki or my ultimate favorite Riyito by Carol Feller.
I have a lot of machine knitting yarn which shrinks a lot and it's easier to guess the right size with such less "risky" patterns.
To start I chose "Relax" by Ririco.

I was afraid that alpaca yarn I have is not enough for this project, so I mixed 2 threads of lila and 1 thread of beige Zegna Baruffa cashwool 2/30 yarn. 5 mm needles to obtain the needed gauge, size S.

I only added 1 stitch to the back and front parts to make symmetrical the ribbon pattern.
Taking into the account that the yarn is not elastic I didn't make short rows on the shoulders and cast off the stitches gradually.
The neck was too wide for me, I don't feel comfortable with the garment that makes visible the underwear so I reduced the number of neckline stitches (4 stitches from both sides). I also knitted the ribbon.

After starting the sleeves a began to have doubts about the size, the sweater seemed to be extralarge, better for my Mom then for me,  but after washing it became smaller and I think the size is perfect.

Nice pattern, I'd like to make the same for my cousin and for my Mom... One day(: