Friday, November 14, 2014

Waiting for an inspiration...

Finally I'm able to enter my blogspot page! I'm not very clever in computers. It took me one hour to understand and resolve the problem - my browser was not updated. For a miracle I've managed to install the Google Chrom and now here I am. 

While waiting for a nice occasion to make some photos of my last completed projects (one of them is of my own design and before publishing the photos I have to publish the pattern on Ravelry) I want just to make a few notes on some WIPs.
Today I'm not in the mood to complete any of them which need any concentration or adaptation. Besides my little daughter is at home and I can't concentrate on my work.
Some examples?

1) Quaking Aspen Shawl
I'm not sure I like the colors and it doesn't help to continue, even if all I have to do is to complete the border. I've tried for a couple of times this morning, but I didn't like the original lace pattern. May be I'll find another matching lace pattern. I'll think about it... next week.

2) Milano
To start the sleeves I have to calculate stitches and rows. I'm not able to do even this simple math.

3) Ena's sweater,
Come una volta II,
To wear with a summer suit
I have no idea when my waist will be thin enough to wear any skirt, so both this projects are not actual (sometimes I'm practical and knit the things which I REALLY need). 

So, today is dedicated to Umaro blanket, which has become rather boring to knit (taking into account the size and the name of the project). It would be nice to get rid of this WIP - it occupies a big packet in the middle of our living-room. 

Some other knitting plans? When I'll get my straight 7 mm needles I'll definitely knit Market jacket
and next days I should knit legwarmers for my daughter. For now I chose this simple pattern