Monday, April 27, 2015

Ena's sweater.

01/03/2015 Finally, finally, finally! 
This project was started 11/04/2014. I took the yarn (with other different projects) to Moscow to have fun during my latest visit to Moscow. I fell in love with the idea to knit this sweater with contrast stripes on the yoke. And I think to make an excellent choice: Garnstudio DROPS Alpaca 7323 and 6309 look great together. It gives such a joy to knit with this colors. And it allows to combine this sweater with different garments and accessories.
Unfortunately, I  made an error, instead of making 6 and 7 repeats for the back and front parts I knitted 7 and 8, so I had to undo the front part. The back part became the front part. I don’t like the raglan sleeves, so I continued to knit straight in stockinette after the armholes inserting some blue stripes. In May I took aside this project as it was already too warm to wear it, hoping to proceed in autumn, but I restarted it only in February, tired of knitting only baby garments
Now as it is completed, I can’t wait to try it on. Still don’t have a matching skirt, but it would look nice even with jeans. Maybe I will add a kind of band or other little decor on the neckline later.

25/04/2015 I still have to regain my shape but this sweater is so nice and warm and perfect for fresh spring days to wait to be presented. I combined it with 7/8 vintage dark blue jeans, Chie Mihara shoes and tiny Furla bag (so gorgeous but absolutely useless for neomamma). 
There was even rather vintage looking pendant in my dresser. 

Selfie idea, "stolen" from Chie Mihara site.