Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Strolling around

I've never knitted summer hats for adults... Only for children, to protect from the sun and mostly because they can be so cute... children... and hats.
And when I was given the idea to knit  some summer accessories, I felt a bit lost.
I had a vague idea of the hat, which should be light, but keep the form, lace but rather sportive.
I found a nice online shop https://dilanaedaltrestorie.it/ which had the yarn I was longing to try - Askham 4ply and Milburn 4ply from https://www.edencottageyarns.co.uk/, and I was curious to try new CONCEPT by Katia COTTON-YAK. 

On that occasion I decided to try even CONCEPT by Katia COTTON-CASHMERE (cotton 90%, cashmere 10%).

Later I saw another nice yarn, which looked softer than many other cotton yarns - Sesia Baby. 

So I continued to think over this new summer design considering these two new yarns. I tried several stitches with both yarns and decided, almost at random, to start with Katia. 

No wonder that it took me more than 2 months to complete the project... Surely, it wasn't my only WIP and I even sewed a bit, but it's too much for a simple hat. 
I hope to be much faster with the second hat.... just give me time to chose the best stitch for it!

You can find Strolling around on Ravelry: