Monday, February 13, 2017

Aran or Guernsey?

It’s a long time that I’ve been thinking of knitting a long large scarf with traditional, but not too intricate and too classic aran or guernsey motives. 
One of my favorite yarns is DROPS Lima, which is very soft and makes an even and not too much elastic fabric thanks to wool and alpaca fibers mix. 
Last December I was asked to knit some accessories for my friends, so I've decided to use this occasion and order some "christmas decorations" even for me. As usual, from Fiordilana shop. 
I've been using DROPS yarns for several years and every time I try a new color, it becomes one of my favorite. I didn't like beige, now I like it, I didn't like lavender, now I like it... 
Almost all this yarn is already knitted up, and from time to time I watch this colorful photos and remember how happy a knitter can be. 

Well, after knitting 3 hats and one cowl I was free to start my long awaited project. 

Recently DROPS Lima became a bit thinner then some years ago. I knit very tightly and used to knit with 7 mm needles (like Umbrian Tale hat and cowl, which is soon to be published). 
With new Lima I use 6 or 6.5 mm needles.
I tried some different stitches and chose this combination.  

Is it aran or guernsey? May be non of them… 
For guernsey scarf the DROPS Nepal would be better... and it's already on my mind... Next winter.  
This scarf can be easily transformed into a blanket, adding some pattern repeats. 
You can also use Drops Nepal or any other DK or aran yarn.
You will need approx. 500 gr (1000 m) for the size 45 cm x 186 cm.
I used Lima 9018 sea green.

I like this scarf playing "solo", but it's cold outside, so now I'm working on the matching hat. Made with Lima color 9015 grey.

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