Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Cable Twin Hats

Last December I was asked to knit 2 hats for two sisters. Not twins, but they wanted the same hat: something warm, with cables, with pompom, and that remains steady, doesn't fall down or drapes. 

I thought that the best yarn would be DROPS Nepal, we chose the colors, beige 0206 and blue lavender 6220 (ordered, as usual, from Fiordilana).

I've ordered even these cute circular needles without realizing how short they would be. They are perfect for mitts or leg warmers. 

And then I've started to struggle with my usual problem - choosing the gauge.
After different fall starts with beige yarn I cast on the blue hat with 8 mm needles. On the 3rd skein I was more then sure that I absolutely disliked it. 

So I restarted with beige and 7mm needles. Then I knitted the rib (twice, I think).
And then I worked with the crown of the hat.
How many hours did I spent knitting the first hat? They would be enough for a sweater. 

But if you follow my pattern and have even medium experience in knitting you would need only a couple of days to complete it. 
I never make pompoms and I don't have any special accessory, so I used the traditional method - 2 paper circles. Now I'm going to buy a Knitpro pompom set, as it really saves so much time.

To be sincere, I didn't like all these hats with pompoms, but now as I knitted two of them, I'd like  to knit one for me, with Nepal orange 2920. It will be cute. May be with contrast pompom. 

And here are the twin hats for my friend and her sister. 


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